Start-Up funds are needed to provide entrepreneurs who complete training to implement value-based Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum and individualized learning system to recover/rescue at-risk teenagers. 

 ​Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum​ (PAC)

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Why we love PAC!

Dr. Ron Johnson, founder of PAC has done what others have failed to do - produce a Jr High and Sr High School character building curriculum that kids want!  

Students are prescribed individualized curriculum (math, science, English, and social studies), in print and digital editions. The materials are straight forward, values-based and make sense to our adolescent learners! Below are key cutting edge, research-based strategies that inspire our students to be successful, and will help you in deciding how  to support this program for youth worldwide. The strategies are:

  • student accountability
  • embedded values and principles
  • acoustical-frequency enhancement
  • phonetic decoding skills
  • audio-relaxation
  • individualized learning
  • individual education plans
  • character education
  • motivational incentives for goal completion
  • www.pacworks.com