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A NOTE FROM OUR Executive director

Thirteen years ago, Ranch Good Days was formed. I recall that our original purpose was simple: to provide healing educational services for fatherless teens with special needs. Over the years, we observed that learning in and outside of the classroom was equally important to our children's development.Healing can happen while learning!!

Today, Dr. Ronald Johnson and I partner in a unique model that integrates the values based - Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum with outdoor activities such as experiencing  nature and visiting a ranch to work with horses - specifically known as equine-assisted learning. Simply put, our goal is to enhance healing while learning for our mid school and high school youth suffering from trauma, PTSD, etc. Please read more about PAC micro-school models in the pages ahead. Oh, and allow me to say "thanks" to our financial supporters that’s made the previous 13 years possible! 


Dr. Donna M. Otabachian 

Executive Director

Donna M. Otabachian, Ph.D.

Killeen, Texas


RGD ​Board Members


Patricia O. Hammit

RGD Graduate

Holly, Colorado

Board Advisors

Education Advisor

Ron Johnson, C.Ph.D.

Zephyr, TX

our history

RGD's Early Educational Impact on Youth.

March 2003 – A think tank in a Denver Colorado community resulted in the formation of Ranch Good Days. Goal: to develop educational materials and services embedded with risk avoidance principles for teenage youth

September 2006 – Ranch Good Days opens a residential school on a Colorado horse ranch for teen. Format: online school in mornings & experiential learning for afternoon.

Thanksgiving 2008 – RGD Texas Girls Ranch opens a home serving teen girls with disabilities. Serves it's first holiday meal in Texas.

February 2011 - RGD relocates headquarters from Colorado to the state of Texas.

June 2013 - Residential home is closed due to changes in state policy regulations. Equine Assisted therapy is offered as part time day treatment for students in local schools or in home schools.

October 2015 Ranch Good Days promotes sports for the Cheyenne Arapaho Girls Basketball teams.

July 2016 - Ranch Good Days Director Dr Donna Otabachian connects with Dr Ronald Johnson aboutPAC! A pilot study in New Mexico happens !

RGD Mission 

Provide safe, values-based, learning experiences to touch the heart of teenage learners whom, as graduates, will want to give of themselves to others.

"I have observed Paridigm Accelerated Curriculum to be embedded with wholesome, meaningful knowledge, notwithstanding an emphasis on service . This approach ultimately yields healing while kids learn."

Dr. Donna