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History: Ranch Good Days (RGD) has been involved with Equine Assisted Learning from the time of it's inception in 2003. Beginning with American Indian cultural advisors Clifford Duncan (deceased) and then 2008, Eugene Blackbear Sr. (deceased), our approach was based on the understanding that horses positively impact man to communicate when nothing else will. Horses will reflect the same behavior to their human handlers as those humans bring into the horse's presence. Herds of horses (usually five) will either accept the human, their behavior and attitude, or not. Horses treat all humans the same, and honest results happen quickly.

Dr. Donna Otabachian along with her daughter Jaclyn, have since been trained by Mr. Greg Kersten of the OK Corral series, and the founder of the widely known program called EAGALA. Mr. Kersten coined the words Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning nearly forty years ago. Today, Dr Donna uses this authentic approach with two therapy horses, RGD Troubadour (aka Fuego) and Armory RGD (aka Phyllis), both bred and foaled at an RGD Girls Ranch program; and belong today to Ranch Good Days.

Donationsfor the RGD Equine Assisted Learning program are graciously accepted and will go directly to the care for the horses or assist an attending student.Go to the DONATE NOW button so YOU can contribute!

Equine Assisted Learning continued....

RGD Equine Assisted Learning and PAC 

What behaviors are changed when equine assisted learning is added to the equation? Over-comers finish! In her work, Dr. Donna has observed the unmotivated become motivated, the students lacking confidence become confident, the lazy request more rigor (an attitude that often spills over into academics), being shut down to speaking up, not seeing one's shared responsibility in a relationship to being brought to tears by simple enlightenment. Moreover, Equine Assisted Learning teaches our students faster than office-based therapies because the horse treats all clients the same and gives an honest reflection back to that client all the time. Hence the underlying greatness behind using the outdoors activity of equine assisted learning. 


Ranch Good Days has contributed thousands of dollars over the past 14 years towards gifting Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning for students with disabilities, parents and family members of disabled children, soldiers, and combat veterans and their families.

Ranch Good Days and Dr. Donna are available to consult with your organization about how to build an equine assisted learning component with your PAC affiliated program.

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