Good Days

   Micro Schools


​Promotion Strategy and Materials

will be developed to assist academic entrepreneurs to set up micro-campus learning centers of choice in public and private schools, where educational choice is authorized. This project will require approximately $70,000.


RGD Projects to be supported and implemented, by your financial donations!

Scholarships​ will be granted to at-risk students (at risk of not graduating from high school), especially father-motherless children, to experience equine assisted therapy, and to attend individualized learning centers designed to address such symptoms as anger, bitterness, depression, discouragement hopelessness, academic failure, truancy, and un-forgiveness. This project will require approximately $80.000.

Acoustical Engineers and Programmers will be hired to convert print editions of Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum (English, science, social studies, math) to frequency-laced, principle-based, audio-enhanced, music-augmented format to facilitate healing from assault, addiction, abandonment, accident, academic deficiencies, and abuse, so that children with special needs can complete academics with minimum dependence on proctors. This project will require approximately $125,000.